An analysis of a touching story of rabbits in watership down by richard adams

Thus the experiences along the way show them what they do NOT want in their new home even as they accumulate new skills that will be put to good use in the Honeycomb. And if liberals dismiss all this as mere nostalgia they will keep losing elections.

Actually they want to discuss the strange rabbits. She escapes Efrafa with Bigwig and becomes Hazel's mate. Hazel sends a small embassy, led by Holly, to Efrafa to present their request for does. Adams uses several techniques to achieve the first of these objectives, making his secondary world seem real.

Watership Down Themes & Topics

He is near death when he finds the warren at Watership Down, but is nursed back to health and becomes one of Hazel's most trusted companions.

In both the primary journey and the journey to Efrafa, the journey hero elements are present.

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His final battle with Woundwort leaves him severely wounded, but he survives and becomes the leader of Hazel's Owsla. What insights might adults glean from the story.

As with most journey stories, the most important lessons are those that are learned on the journey itself. The rabbits send an expedition to the warren Efrafa to try to bring back some does, and Hazel sets up a raid to free the rabbits in the farm.

Watership Down can be Ireland after the famine, Rwanda after the massacres. Meanwhile, Bigwig faces Woundwort in a tremendous battle.

Watership Down

Hazel is their leader, and he takes advice from Fiver about where to go. He refuses to help carry any of the food. The two are nursing severe injuries which, they reveal, were inflicted as they escaped the violent human destruction of Sandleford and then later at Cowslip's warren.

Of course, the rabbits never return to Sandleford as the primary journey is for the purpose of establishing a new home.

Classic Review: Watership Down by Richard Adams

Leaving his friends and no-longer-needed body behind, Hazel departs Watership Down with the spirit guide. Unlike Campion, who gets redeemed and leads Efrafa after the war, Vervain dies on the way home after the war—and is sorely missed by absolutely no one.

When the emissary returns soon after, Hazel and his rabbits learn that Efrafa is a police state led by the despotic General Woundwort. The language fragments in the books consist of a few dozen distinct words, used mainly for the naming of rabbitstheir mythological characters, and objects in their world.

Watership Down by Richard Adams. Home / Literature / Watership Down / Characters / Efrafan Rabbits. BACK; NEXT ; Character Analysis There are so many other rabbits mentioned that Watership Down may start to feel like A Game of Thrones or some other book with a huge cast.

Like the minor characters in Hazel's group, many of these. Richard Adams' classic novel Watership Down isn't just about rabbits. Tackling the big ideas, including the importance of storytelling to society, Adams weaves an adult tale of human struggle cloaked as a book about bunnies. However, a closer examination of Richard Adams’ great literary work, Watership Down, shows that perhaps Adams was discussing more than a rabbit tale.

The story, on its surface is about anthropomorphized (in thought and language anyway) rabbits, but at its heart, I believe it to be much more. Watership Down is a survival and adventure novel by English author Richard Adams, published by Rex Collings Ltd of London in Set in southern England, the story features a small group of rabbits.

Watership Down is the epic tale of Hazel and his group of rabbits that have left their comfortable warren in search of a new place to call home. While it seems like a lifetime for the rabbits, the. This is a list of characters in Watership Down, a novel by Richard majority also appear in the feature film adaptation, the television series adaptation and/or follow-up collection of short stories.

Notably, most (though not all) male rabbits in the story are named after plants, whereas female rabbits tend to have names in Lapine, the fictional language Adams.

An analysis of a touching story of rabbits in watership down by richard adams
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