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It surveys the political situation in the subcontinent and the dangers which Muslim India faced from different quarters. The central government was greatly destabilized by their constant plotting. Though he was not successful in his life time to prevent the decay of the Mughal and the Muslim society, his efforts at least resulted in the defeat of the Mathattas at the hands of the Muslim coalition under Ahmad Shah ABdali and Najib-ud-Din.

In order to promulgate the teachings of Islam and make the Holy Quran more accessible to the people, he translated the Quran to Persian, the main and common language of the people at that time.

He gave all he could in challenging the issues faced by Muslims regardless of any wrongdoer acting as a hindrance. His successors are truly indebted to him for the work and legacy he has left. Author of Many Books Shah Waliullah was the writer of many books which are as follows: His real greatness lies in the cumulative effect produced by his writings, by the contribution of persons trained by him and by the achievements of the school of thought founded by him.

In oreder t prevent the decay of Mughal Empire and the Muslim society, he invited Ahmad Shah Abdali King of Afghanistan to invade the subcontinent on the one hand and asked the Muslims to establish true Islam in the land, on the other.

There were deadly rivalries between two groups that formed in consequence, namely; Turanis and Iranis. Specific functions relevant for the situation have been selected and implemented in prototype test systems.

He studied the writings of each school-of-thought to understand their point of view, and then wrote comprehensive volumes about what is fair and just in light of the teachings of Islam.

On his return to India, he not only identified the causes for the decline of the Muslims, but also pointed out the remedies.

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Shah Saheb had urged for the reform and discipline of Sufism and not its rejection. He said that the Muslims are one nation according to Kalma and belief and there is no importance of their colour and any geographical existence.

In an illuminating chapter of "Hujjat-Ullah- il-Baaligah"he outlined the evils of capitalism which brought about the fall of the Roman and Sassanid Empires. His work was appreciated. Noida printing press Jameelah, M.

He urged the Muslims to refrain from false practices, urged them to unite and not divide on insignificant differences.

Shah Waliullah (1703-1762)

Secondly, the Sikhs were campaigning in Punjab. Creation of Balance Between School-of-Thoughts: It was on account of his call that Ahmad Shah Abdali appeared on the field of Panipat in and put an end to the Marhatta dream of dominating the subcontinent.

He memorized the Holy Quran and gained knowledge of Tafseer, Hadith, spiritualism, mysticism, metaphysics, logic, and Ilm-ul-Kalam while still in his boyhood. His principles on the subject were put into practice in the great theological college of Deoband, which had among its patrons such well-known Sufis like Maulana Rashid Ahmad Gangohi and Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi.

Being a precocious child with a retentive memory he committed the Holy Quran to memory at an early age of 7 years. Shah Waliullah wrote a number of books and pamphlets dealing with Hadith.

The contributions of Shah Wali-Ullah can be summarized as under: By he had accumulated over pages of notes and short essays on capital, landed property, wage labour Ibn-Sina: By the time he returned to Delhi in Julythe decline in Mughal fortunes had started.

Non-responsive attitude of the ruler compelled Shah to look forward for seeking the help of any other ruler who could avert the situation in favour of the Muslims.

In this book, he has presented Islamic teachings in light of scientific objectivity. Conclusion Shah Wali-Ullah was responsible for awakening in the community the desire to win back its moral fervor and maintain its purity.

His book on animals was translated by Michael,and He then went to Saudi Arabia in for Hajj and higher studies. The first deals with the Holy Quran. Being a scholarly man and a profound thinker, he wrote many books in which he presented the teachings of Islam in relation to contemporary environments.

A shorter form of the work is known as the An-najat world higher education: All your mental faculties are directed towards providing yourself with sumptuous food and soft-skinned women for enjoyment and pleasure.

Shah Waliullah Dehlawi lineal ascendants were from amongst the Muslim elite of Delhi. They were acknowledged for both their academic pursuits and spiritual knowledge.

The Intellectual and Social Contribution of Shâh Waliullâh Dehlawî

The following essay will assess the intellectual and social contribution of Shâh Waliullâh Dehlawî. The assessment will be made in the following manner. In short, due to sincere and dedicated efforts of Shah Waliullah and his family the illustrious banner of Islam kept flying over the Indian sub continent despite the decline and fall of the Mughal empire.

Shah Waliullah was born on 21 Februaryhe got his early education from a Madrasa which was established by his father, he made command in Arabic and Persian language, in he became the head of those madrasa where he got his initial education.

Jul 30,  · The efforts of Shah Waliullah for the spread of Islam were the first step towards the establishment of free Islamic Society as well as the establishment of Pakistan.

Early Education Shah Waliullah was a great saint, scholar and reformer. Jan 28,  · Shah Waliullah had a son and 5 daughters from his first wife.

His second wife bore him four sons: Shah Abdul Aziz Muhaddis Dehlvi, Shah Rafiuddin, Shah Abdul Qadir, and Shah Abdul Ghani. On August 20,Shah Waliullah died and was buried in the graveyard of Munhadian. Feb 09,  · Shah Waliullah realized “The renaissance of Islam and Muslim Society can not be affected until the intellectual life of the Muslims is re-oriented.” Discuss critically.

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