Writing a ghost story ks2

Usually I tried to draw the children away from their parents, but not today. His shoulders sagged, his skin was pale, his breathing shallow, as if all the time he was fighting the urge to cry. Everyone used to say that my Mum and I were more like sisters, but to me she was my mother and my best friend.

How to write a scary story

They sat by their fire drinking cups of tea and they had cake and lots of people came to visit. Something terrible happened to me two years ago. He is always at one remove: I tried to find the book to show him but it had gone, but he listened and he held me close.

Dad called a priest who went in and blessed the cottage. There was no need to say anything. Lord John walked away and he never looked back. It was in just the right place, as her mother had described, at the foot of a mountain, a wood behind and the railway track just in front.

Winning Ghost Stories by Children

The story got out, but no one really knew if it was true but they never crossed Lord John. After a short ride bumping over the rough, pot-holed track, Mrs McDougal pulled the pony and cart to a stop outside the huge, dark bulk of Sligachan House.

Lord John stripped the house bare. Antony and Andrew were sharing one, Zoe was in another. Tropes can be ignored or upended, and chilling child patterings and mysterious stains are an enticing part of what Henry James called "the strange and sinister embroidered on the very type of the normal and easy".

And John never forgave Ruby. He said he would leave it to me and Jason in his will, but I told him I never wanted to set foot in there again. As they rushed towards the front door, flames seemed to engulf the whole house and the door disintegrated before their eyes, yet as they rushed through the gap they felt no heat, only a cold chill.

I already imagined ripping into their flesh with my bare hands as I heard them scream - just as I had done - beneath me. We own a little plot of land and Dad says he will sell it on some day but I know that he knows better.

This man was heartbroken. For of course I knew it was her, that terrible creature who sat there night after night with her stepsisters. This is a stimulus for writing a ghost story in KS1 or KS2 English. It can be played on an interactive whiteboard and used as a lesson starter.

Pick four words from the list of “Useful words to use when writing a ghost story” and in 10 minutes put together a short ghost story.

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The Ghostly Shed. WARNING: This shed contains material which may be unsuitable for pupils in primary schools. Teachers should watch the films in full before using them at their discretion with their pupils. Get help writing Ghostly Narratives with the DADWAVERS APP.

Top of page. Home The Numeracy Shed A Tale Unfolds Stone Age to Iron. Nov 03,  · How to Write a Ghost Story In this Article: Article Summary Developing Your Plot Developing Your Characters Writing Your Ghost Story Community Q&A Many people enjoy a good ghost story and writing your own can be just as enjoyable%().

Teachers TV: KS2 Persuasive Writing In this Key Stage 2 literacy ‘Lesson Starters’, suitable for Yearseach of the five short video clips provides a stimulus for pupils to employ Teachers TV/5(4).

Writing a ghost story ks2
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